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06/01/2023  |  Episode 98
Henry Gordon Smith, Founder & CEO, Agritecture
In this Episode: Urban Agriculture; Vertical Farming; Food Security; Digital Ag; Ag Advisory; Farm Planning; Farm Budgeting; Sustainable Agriculture
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04/06/2023  |  Episode 97
Paul Koffman, North American Lead, Allflex Livestock Intelligence | Merck Animal Health
In this Episode: Animal Heath; Digital Tools; Livestock Management; Agriculture; Technology; Livestock Monitoring; Healthcare
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03/30/2023  |  Episode Episode 96
Carlos Pizolotto, Plant Pathologist, Central Cooperative Gaúcha Ltda (CCGL)
In this Episode: CCGL; RTCModels; Pest Management; Predictive Models; Disease Control; Fungicide Applications; Phytopathology; Agriculture; Food Security; Spore Trapping
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03/23/2023  |  Episode 95
Dr. Robert Koch, Associate Professor & Extension Entomologist, University of Minnesota
In this Episode: Remote Sensing; Pest Management; Soybean Aphid; Innovation; Research; Pest Protection; Pest Control; Extension; Data-Driven Solutions
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03/16/2023  |  Episode 94
Caroline Forest, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Intelia
In this Episode: Poultry Production; Animal Ag; Decision-Making; Data-Driven Decisions; Digital Ag; Precision Ag; Digital Tools; Remote Sensing; Innovation; Ag Tech; Food Production
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03/09/2023  |  Episode 93
Kaitlyn Dozler, Graduate Student, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
In this Episode: Livestock; Range Management; Cattle; The Beef State; Precision Management; Digital Tools; Innovation; Animal Ag; Precision Ag; Digital Ag
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03/02/2023  |  Episode 092
Nessi Benishti, Founder and CEO, Agrio
In this Episode: Ag Technology; Digital Ag; Pest management; Artificial Intelligence; Imagery; Precision Ag; Pests; Technology; Agrio
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02/23/2023  |  Episode Episode 91
Amos Peterson, Founder & CEO, FarrPro
In this Episode: Animal Science; Animal Welfare; Hog Production; Pork Production; Hog Health; Data-Driven Decisions; Animal Behavior; Precision Ag; Ag Tech
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02/16/2023  |  Episode 90
Dr. Simerjeet Virk, Assistant Professor & Extension Precision Ag Specialist, University of Georgia
In this Episode: UAVs; Spray Drones; Pest Management; Sprayer; Aerial Application; Regulations and Considerations; Research
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02/09/2023  |  Episode 89
Meghan Bochanski, Growth Manager, Performance Livestock Analytics
In this Episode: ANIMAL SYSTEMS; Zoetis; Performance Livestock Analytics; DIGITAL AG; PRECISION AGRICULTURE
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02/02/2023  |  Episode 88
Fernando Iost Filho, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Sao Paulo – ESALQ
In this Episode: Integrative Pest Management; IPM; Research; Pest Management; Remote Sensing.; Crop Protection; Detection
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01/26/2023  |  Episode 87
Max Cossette, VP of Business Development, 701x
In this Episode: Autonomous Rancher; Cattle; Ear Tags; GPS Tracking; Precision Ag; Digital Ag; Record Keeping
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01/19/2023  |  Episode 86
Mike Tweedy, Vice President of Sales, Pattern Ag
In this Episode: Pest; Disease; Corn Rootworm; Predictive Models; Nebraska Extension; Entomology; Pathogens; Roots; Soil Health; Digital Agriculture; Corn; Soybeans; Midwest
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12/08/2022  |  Episode 85
Darren Siekman, Vice President and General Manager, International Irrigation
In this Episode: Irrigation; Valley Irrigation; Valmont; Variable Rate; Technology; Food; Digital Ag; International Irrigation
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12/01/2022  |  Episode 84
Jackson Stansell, Founder and CEO, Sentinel Fertigation
In this Episode: Fertigation; Nitrogen Management; Irrigation Technology; Imagery Use; Research-Based; Digital Agriculture; Ag Startup
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11/17/2022  |  Episode 84
Jackson Stansell, Founder and CEO, Sentinel Fertigation
In this Episode: Fertigation; Nitrogen Management; Irrigation Technology; Imagery Use; Research-Based; Digital Agriculture; Ag Startup
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11/10/2022  |  Episode 83
Courtney Arnall, CEO, NinjaAg,  Brian Arnall, Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor, NinjaAg
In this Episode: Ag Technology; Digital Ag; Fertigation; Fertility Management; Imagery; Precision Ag; UAVs; Imagery; NinjaAg
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10/20/2022  |  Episode 80
Daniel Jenkins, Business Development Manager, Autonomous Pivot
In this Episode: Irrigation Management; Agriculture; Digital Ag; Irrigation; Food; Crop Detection; Remote Sensing; Nebraska
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10/13/2022  |  Episode 79
Reece Andrews, Product Manager, FieldNET and Zimmatic Controls, Lindsay Corporation
In this Episode: Lindsay; Zimmatic; FieldNET; Precision Irrigation; Irrigation Management; Agriculture; Digital Ag; FarmBits
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10/06/2022  |  Episode 78
Jessi Korinek, President & CEO, Nave Analytics
In this Episode: Irrigation; Agriculture; Digital Ag; Nave Analytics; Remote Sensing; Food; FarmBits
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09/29/2022  |  Episode 77
Misty Tucker, Agriculture Investigator, Planet
In this Episode: Satellite Imagery; Agriculture; Digital Ag; Planet Imagery; Food; Crop Detection; Remote Sensing; Nebraska Extension
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07/21/2022  |  Episode 76
Glenn Spangler, Nebraska On-Farm Research Participating Grower, Farmer
In this Episode: Cass County; FarmBits; Farmer Focus; Nebraska Extension; Nebraska On-Farm Research Network; Planting Population; Precision Planting; Research Trials
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07/14/2022  |  Episode 75
Bruno Lena, Water and Integrated Cropping Systems Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
In this Episode: Agricultural Systems Engineer; Agronomy; Biodiesel; Boone County; Nance County; Platte County; Brazil; Digital Ag; Extension Educator; Groundwater; Irrigation; Making Connections; Nebraska Extension; Research-Based; Nitrates; Precision Ag;
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07/07/2022  |  Episode 74
Dean Krull, Project Coordinator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Central Platte Natural Resource District
In this Episode: Nebraska Extension; Central Platte NRD; Nebraska's Natural Resource Districts; Precision Agriculture; GPS; Digital Ag
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06/30/2022  |  Episode 73
Guillermo Balboa, Research Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
In this Episode: Nebraska; Nebraska Extension; Digital Agriculture; Australia; Adoption; Farms; Precision Ag; Argentina
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06/23/2022  |  Episode 72
Luan Oliveira, Water and Cropping Systems Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
In this Episode: Nebraska; Nebraska Extension; Agriculture Technology; Drone; UAVs; Soil Sampling; Brazil; Ag Communication; Sustainability
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06/16/2022  |  Episode 71
Nate Dorsey, Water and Integrated Cropping Systems Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
In this Episode: Nebraska Extension; Precision Agriculture; Insights; Crop Production; Imagery; Nebraska; Agriculture Applications; Integration
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06/09/2022  |  Episode 70
Chuck Burr, Water and Cropping Systems Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
In this Episode: Digital Agriculture; Extension Educator; FarmBits; Nebraska Extension; Nebraska On-Farm Research Network; Nitrogen; Nitrogen Management; Precision Agriculture; Testing Ag Performance Systems; UNL TAPS; Water and Integrated Cropping Systems; Winter Wheat
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06/02/2022  |  Episode 69
Laura Thompson, Digital Agriculture Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln,  Taylor Lexow, Nebraska On-Farm Research Program Coordinator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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04/21/2022  |  Episode 68
Peggy Meyer, Creator, Field Pocket
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04/21/2022  |  Episode 67
Dr. Michael Sama, Associate Professor, University of Kentucky
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03/31/2022  |  Episode 66
Zach Smith, Co-Creator, StockCropper
In this Episode: GRAZING; STRIP INTERCROPPING; MULTISPECIES; AUTONOMOUS; The Stock Cropper; Animal Agriculture: Digital Agriculture
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11/03/2022  |  Episode 82
Derek Heeren, Associate Professor and Irrigation Engineer
In this Episode: Digital Agriculture; Irrigation Management; Agriculture; Sustainability
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10/27/2022  |  Episode 81
Yeyin Shi, Assistant Professor and Agricultural Information System Engineer, BSE-UNL
In this Episode: remote sensing; UAVs; satellite imagery; food; Agriculture; research; imagery; farmers; technology; drones
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10/20/2022  |  Episode 65
Chris Whited, Director of Business Development
In this Episode: Digital Agriculture; Soil; Sampling; Autonomous
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10/20/2022  |  Episode 64
Julie Bushell, President & Founder of Paige Wireless
Aerial view of GUSS spraying orchard
03/10/2022  |  Episode 63
Chase Schapansky, CTO, GUSS Automation
In this Episode: AutomationroboticsGUSSorchardvineyardsprayingapplicator safetylabor shortage
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03/03/2022  |  Episode 62
Jessi Sayers, Herd Manager, Demerath Farms
In this Episode: Automationroboticsdairylivestockrobotic milkingJessi Sayers
Flex-Ro an autonomous sensing robot in the field
02/24/2022  |  Episode 61
Dr. Sierra Young, Assistant Professor, Utah State,  Dr. Santosh Pitla, Associate Professor, UNL
In this Episode: Santosh Pitla; Sierra Young; Robotics; Automation; Digital Agriculture; Machine Perception; Autonomous Vehicle Safety; Agricultural Robots
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02/24/2022  |  Episode 60
Jordyn Bader, Co-Founder & Director of Industry Partnerships, Marble
In this Episode: Women in Agriculture; Meat Processing; Robotics; Automation; Marble; Marble Technologies; Jordyn Bader
large metal bins for grain
02/24/2022  |  Episode 59
Ben Johnson, CIO,  Chad Johnson, CEO
In this Episode: Digital Agriculture; Grain Storage; Robotics; Auger; Safety; Grain Bins; Corn; Grain Robotics; Precision Agriculture
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02/24/2022  |  Episode 58
Dr. Yijie Xiong, Assistant Professor,  Jean Niwenshuti, Graduate Research Assistant,  Joshua Dotto, Graduate Research Assistant
Autonomous trat
01/27/2022  |  Episode 57
Craig Rupp, CEO, Sabanto
In this Episode: Sabanto; Automation; Farming-as-a-Service; Swarm Technology; Craig Rupp; Tractors; Full Stack; Robotics
Cattle grazing on fenced open pasture
01/20/2022  |  Episode 56
Jack Keating, Founder, Corral Technologies
In this Episode: Corral; Corral Technologies; Grazing; Virtual Fencing; Rotational Grazing; Internet of Things; Digital Agriculture; Grazing Software
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12/16/2021  |  Episode
In this Episode: Season preview; season recap; automation; robotics
Picture of rolling hills, open landscape, river valley, and small groups of trees.
12/09/2021  |  Episode 55
Dr. Andrew Little, Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources, UNL
In this Episode: precision conservation; crp; andrew little; awesm lab; conservation; spatial data; software
Picture of weather phenomenon: lightning, storms, clouds, sun.
12/02/2021  |  Episode 54
Jan Dutton, CEO, Prescient Weather
In this Episode: CropProphet; Jan Dutton; Meteorology; Weather Mapping; Weather Models; Yield Estimations
A cheetah in the grass with its head turned toward the camera
11/18/2021  |  Episode 53
Dr. Ty Schmidt, Associate Professor of Animal Science,  Haley Beer, Animal Science Ph.D. Student
In this Episode: NUtrack; computer vision; animal behavior; animal science; video monitoring
low angle photograph of soybean field
11/11/2021  |  Episode 52
Todd Martin, Co-Founder & CCO, EarthOptics
In this Episode: EarthOptics; tillage; soil compaction; fertility; organic matter; sensors; machine learning; carbon sequestration
11/04/2021  |  Episode 51
Dane Braun, VP of Product, Bushel
In this Episode: Commodity Marketing; GrainBridge; Bushel; Logistics; Digital Infrastructure; Supply Chain
10/28/2021  |  Episode 50
Dr. Tami Brown-Brandl, Professor, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
In this Episode: Precision livestock management; heat stress; livestock monitoring; animal welfare; poultry; swine; dairy center
10/14/2021  |  Episode 48
Naeem Zafar, Founder and CEO, TeleSense
In this Episode: TeleSensefood wastegrain storagepost-harvestgrain transportationgrain monitoringtelemetrysupply chaingrain datagrain qualitybinsstoragemoisturefan controlNaeem Zafardigital agricultureprecision agriculturedigital infrastructureappsmonitoringartificial intelligencemachine learningrecommendations
10/07/2021  |  Episode 47
John Scott, Digital Agriculture Coordinator, Purdue Extension,  Aaron Sindelar, Director of Sustainability, Central Valley Ag,  Brian Van de Stroet, Acre+ Advisor, Frenchman Valley Co-op,  David Scheiderer, President, Integrated Ag Services
In this Episode: Episode TagsAgricultureOn-Farm ResearchHarvestWeed Management
farmer in field holding potatoes above other potato plants
08/26/2021  |  Episode 46
Seth Gurley, Agronomist, CSS Farms, Inc.,  Jesse Ziems, Senior Agronomist, CSS Farms, Inc.
tractor spraying pesticide on bean field at dusk
08/19/2021  |  Episode 45
Franklin Peitz, Product Marketing Manager, John Deere
nozzle on farm machinery spraying liquid
08/12/2021  |  Episode 44
Sam Marx, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
white drone flying recording data high above a field
08/05/2021  |  Episode 43
Tim Pearson, Regional Sales Manager, Taranis
farmer operating drone in field at dawn
07/29/2021  |  Episode 42
Ethan Noll, Digital Ag Team Lead, AgPartners Cooperative
close up photo of a diseased corn leaf
07/22/2021  |  Episode 41
Kristine White, CEO, Spornado
07/15/2021  |  Episode 40
Sam Pendleton, Director of Sales, Rantizo
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07/08/2021  |  Episode 39
Erik Christian, Agronomic Services Manager, Trace Genomics
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06/24/2021  |  Episode 38
Jonathan Claussen, Associate Professor, Iowa State University
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06/17/2021  |  Episode 37
Samantha Teten, Developmental Agronomist, Golden Harvest,  Jackson Stansell, Graduate Research Assistant
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06/10/2021  |  Episode 36
Josh McGrath, Extension Associate Professor
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06/03/2021  |  Episode 35
Jim Schepers, Emeritus Professor of Agronomy and Horticulture, UNL
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05/20/2021  |  Episode 033
Dr. Laila Puntel, Assistant Professor
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05/13/2021  |  Episode 32
Dr. Richard Ferguson, Vice Chancellor at the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture
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05/06/2021  |  Episode 31
Todd Colten, Director of Flight Services, Sentera
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04/29/2021  |  Episode 30
David Brown, Director of Engineering, Pivot Bio
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04/22/2021  |  Episode 29
Paul Harms, Product Support Manager, Precision Planting
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04/08/2021  |  Episode 28
Matthew Lau, Global Product Manager for Climate,  Morrison Jacobs, Corn Modeling Lead for Climate
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04/01/2021  |  Episode 27
Rachel Stevens, ACRE Farm Manager, Department of Agronomy, Purdue University
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03/25/2021  |  Episode 26
Don Batie, Nebraska Farmer
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03/18/2021  |  Episode 25
Rachel Stevens, Founder, Heartland Ag Consulting
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03/11/2021  |  Episode 24
Laura Thompson, Extension Educator and Co-Coordinator of the On-Farm Research Network
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03/04/2021  |  Episode 23
Austin Benes, Key Account Executive at RealmFive
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02/25/2021  |  Episode 22
Ranveer Chandra, Ph.D., 
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02/18/2021  |  Episode 21
Keenan McRoberts, United Soybean Board’s Vice President of Science and Program Strategy
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02/11/2021  |  Episode 20
Dr. John Fulton, Professor in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering at The Ohio State University
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11/26/2020  |  Episode 9
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11/19/2020  |  Episode 8
Tyler Lund, Sales & Marketing Director at Veris Technologies
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11/12/2020  |  Episode 7
Mike Manning, Agronomic Information Advisor at Premier Crop Systems
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11/05/2020  |  Episode 6
Dr. Terry Griffin, Assistant Professor at Kansas State University
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10/29/2020  |  Episode 5
Dave Crompton, CEO of OPI Systems
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02/04/2021  |  Episode 19
Sam Schwab, Implementation Specialist, CropZilla Software, Inc.
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01/28/2021  |  Episode 18
Ryan Raguse, President and Co-Founder, Bushel
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01/21/2021  |  Episode 17
Tyler McGee, Founder and CEO, Shepherd Farming
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01/14/2021  |  Episode 16
Aaron Friedlein, Product Manager - Software, Ag Leader Technology, Inc.
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01/07/2021  |  Episode 15
John Fulton, Professor - FABE Department at The Ohio State University
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12/31/2020  |  Episode 14
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12/24/2020  |  Episode 13
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12/17/2020  |  Episode 12
Newell Kitchen, Soil Scientist - USDA-ARS
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12/10/2020  |  Episode 11
Cory Willness, President and Founder, Croptimistic Technology
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12/03/2020  |  Episode 10
Trenton Franz, Hydrogeophysicist, Assistant Professor, and SNR Associate Director for Research
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10/22/2020  |  Episode 4
Angela Knuth,  John Christenson,  Phil Christenson,  John Oehlerking, 
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10/15/2020  |  Episode 3
Dr. Joe D. Luck, Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln
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10/08/2020  |  Episode 2
John Evans, Assistant Professor at Purdue University
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10/01/2020  |  Episode 1
Laura Thompson, Nebraska On-Farm Research Network Co-Coordinator,  Joe Luck, Associate Professor and Precision Ag Engineer