Getting started with on-farm research doesn't have to be hard and the data you collect can benefit your operation for years to come! Check out the resources below for tips, tools, and ready to implement on-farm research plans.


Learn the basics of conducting a successful on-farm research study. Browse the Grower's Guide to On-Farm Research and check out our 10 Steps for On-Farm Research Success. Ready to get tech-saavy? Try our Digital Ag Online Course to learn how technologies such as application maps and yield monitors can be leveraged to conduct on-farm research.

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Grower's Guide to On-Farm Research

Nebraska Extension's interactive, online magazine provides comprehensive information for those considering on-farm research, including: the basics of site selection, designing experiments, plot layout, data collection, and data analysis.


10 Steps for On-Farm Research Success

A Cropwatch page that lays out 10 important steps to ensure your on-farm research project yeilds information that's valuable to your ag operation.

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Digital Ag Online Course

Learn to better utilize precision-ag software and technologies to manage your operation with these online modules All modules that can be completed at your own pace.


SARE Guide to Contucting Research

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education's 30-page intruductoy guide to Conduct Research on Your Farm or Ranch.

Get Started

Ready to get started? Browse our research protocols to find a ready-to-implement research plan or contact your local extension educator to have a custom plan developed. Once your study is started, fill out the on-farm research background form to share the details of your project with us. Study completed? See the yield monitor data download guide for help exporting your data. 


Research Protocols

We have many research project plans already developed and ready to implement. From starter fertilizer, to seeding rate, to fungicide studies, check out our research protocols page.


Background Form

Fill out this background form to tell us more about your on-farm research study and help us prepare your research summary report for publication.

  1. Download the PDF Form
  2. Complete the Form
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Yield Monitor Data Download Guide

A quick guides for exporting data from common yield monitors.

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Farm Stat

A statistical analysis tool that provides quick, accurate, and straightforward analysis for data from agricultural experiments.