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Aerial photograph of a midsummer corn field.
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2021 On-Farm Research Book

The results from last-year's studies are now available.

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combine harvesting at dusk

On-Farm Research Video

OFR Video

Using Granular Agronomy for Corn Nitrogen Management with Laila Puntel

Laila Puntel talks about an on farm research project testing corn nitrogen management practices.

OFR Video

Soybean Benchmarking Studies with Gary Lesoing

Extension Educator Gary Lesoing talks about an on farm research projects involving different soybean production practices.

FarmBits Podcast

Farmbits Podcast
E:63  •  03/10/2022

Redefining Orchard Spraying with GUSS Automation

FarmBits hosts Jose Cesario and Jackson Stansell welcome Chase Schapansky, CTO of GUSS Automation, to this episode of the FarmBits podcast.

Farmbits Podcast
E:62  •  03/03/2022

Producer Perspective: Jessi Sayers, Robotics in Dairy and Beef Production

FarmBits hosts Asya Macon and Micah Most are joined this week by dairy producer and University of Nebraska alumna Jessi Sayers.

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ag producers repairing farm machinery in the field

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