Thursday, December 31, 2020  •  Episode 14

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2020 has been quite an eventful year in many ways, and the agriculture industry has not been an exception. Between the challenges posed by COVID-19, natural disasters on the coasts and in the interior of the U.S., political conflict, and policy changes, individuals involved in the agriculture industry have had to adapt and overcome throughout 2020. In this episode of the FarmBits podcast, we seek to put 2020 in review focusing particularly on what happened in digital agriculture and how the events of 2020 will help to shape future development in digital agriculture. In developing this episode, we found many interesting articles discussing the events of 2020 and have included those resources below for more in depth coverage of topics only briefly covered in the episode. With 2020 in hindsight, we look forward to a prosperous year of opportunities and growth in 2021!

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