Nebraska Extension Protocols

These protocols are designed by UNL faculty to answer questions for your farming operation.

Cover Crop Management

Crop Protection

Crop Management

Planting Populations

Variable Rate Planting: Protocols developed on an individual basis.

For more info: Laura Thompson | 402-245-2224 |

Soil Fertility Management

Pre-Plant Nitrogen Studies

Sidedress or Split-Application Nitrogen Studies

Sugar Studies

Irrigation Management Protocols

Industry Partnership Protocols

2021 industry partnership protocols are available for starter fertilizer and nitrification inhibitors. Contact us to learn more.

Project Templates

Do you have a specific research topic in mind? We can design a protocol customized to your farming operation.

The following templates are Word Documents which can be downloaded and modified to fit your project.

For help setting up an on-farm research project, please contact us:

Find your local extension educator or Laura Thompson | 402-245-2224 |