Yield Monitor Date Guide

Resources for Downloading Yield Monitor Data

Step-by-step instructions for downloading yield monitor data from many monitor brands and versions are available in this handy tool produced by Iowa State.

Monitor Step-by-Step How To Guide

The following resources are excerpts from yield monitor manuals showing how to download data from the respective monitors.

John Deere

4600/4640 (Gen 4) - Instructions & Demo Video

Greenstar 3 - Instructions & Demo Video

Greenstar 2 (v 2.6/2.7/2.8) - General Data Transfer & Exporting/Backing Up Data

Ag Leader

Ag Leader InCommand 800/1200 (2018)

Ag Leader Compass (2017)

Ag Leader Integra (2017)

Ag Leader Versa (2017)

Precision Planting

SeedSense 20/20 Display (2017)

Resources for Calibrating Yield Monitors

The following resources are excertps from yield monitor manuals showing how to calibrate  respective monitors.

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