Thursday, July 29, 2021  •  Episode 42

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Potentially the most useful perspective on new technology is that of the individuals who are using the technology regularly. Ethan Noll, Digital Ag Team Lead at AgPartners Co-op, joins this episode of the FarmBits podcast to offer his perspective on the digital tools that AgPartners is leveraging to enhance crop protection services for their customers. Two of the technologies that they are using are Rantizo and Taranis, both of whom will be featured in the "Precision Crop Protection Series" on the FarmBits podcast. Ethan will describe how they are using these cutting edge technologies, what made AgPartners decide to invest in them, the attributes of successful digital ag technologies, and paths toward digital ag adoption. The content in this episode will help put into context the information offered by Taranis and Rantizo in other episodes of this series.

Opinions expressed on FarmBits are solely those of the guest(s) or host(s) and not the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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host Zachary Rystrom
host Jackson Stansell
guest Ethan Noll