Technology for Soil Health - Part 1

Thursday, February 15, 2024  •  Episode 117

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On this week's episode of the FarmBits podcast, Camila and Victor were joined by Dr. Carolina Cordova, Assistant Professor and Statewide Soil Health Specialist at University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Dr. Cordova shared thoughts and expertise in Soil Health regarding technologies and opportunities in this area, and also discussed sources, examples and advices for agriculture public. On this episode Dr. Cordova went through soil health definition, soil sensors and emerging soil technologies. Below is the website link for the Soil Health Conference coming up in February and March. Tune in here for Part 1 of our conversation with Dr. Caro Cordova.

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Victor Ferreira
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Camila Chiaranda Rodrigues
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Carolina Córdova
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Carolina Córdova UNL Dept. of Agronomy & Horticulture

165 Keim Hall

Lincoln, Nebraska 68583-0915


X: CaroCordovaEc

Linkedin: cordovasc

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